FIT-Frame™. Fast Inflatable Technology


FIT-Frame™ - Revolutionary lightweight frames for professional filmmakers, lighting technicians and photographers. Inspired by progressive technology, motivated to be SAFE, PRACTICAL and ECO FRIENDLY.

Fast inflatable technology is a portable light solution. Using the the latest inflatable technology, FIT-Frame™ has successfully reinvented reflector technology and mobile ambient lighting. Incredible strength to weight ratios mean that the weight of rigs and frames has been reduced by up to 75%. FIT-Frame™ is designed to be strong, durable, light and easy to transport and has been specifically designed by professionals within the motion picture and pro-photography industries.


  • This revolutionary product is made from extremely durable polyester fabric, reinforced with kevlar corners and designed for extreme conditions, derived from life preserving and kiting industry technology.
  • Shape and integrity of the product is maintained at all times.
  • Construction and disassembly is made fast and effortless. It is lightweight, compact, easy to transport and store.
  • Above all this product is SAFER to use on set than all traditional alternatives, being inflatable it is soft and kind to humans, locations and props.
  • Modular kit creates multi-size surfaces when required.
  • Artist benefits include, state of the art reflector cloths, an infinity edge not found on other products plus it floats on water.


FIT-Frame™ is designed for professional motion picture and photographic industries and can used both indoors and out.